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Sanwa jo

Sanwa Jo is a tribute to the elegant simplicity of Japanese tradition with our three main culinary themes: sushi, teppanyaki and robatayaki (san, meaning “three” in Japanese), as well as washoku (wa, referring to Washoku).

Our Master Chefs bring structure and imagination to the art of cuisine to an ultimate balance. With massive experience in the industry, our master chefs envisage and prepare Traditional Japanese dishes in their own unique ways, using only carefully selected seasonal ingredients, while respecting the tradition.

Sanwa Jo is about more than just a feast in the mouth, but to warm our customers’ heart with exceptional food and warm hospitable services.

The open kitchen and modern Japanese inspired décor unfold an intimate, relaxed ambiance and a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere for the culinary team to work their magic on creating alluring eats, and above all, for diners to share blissful moments with loved ones over hearty dishes and a bottle of sake.

Sanwa Jo strives to make your every culinary journey full of aromas, tastes and textures that will create memories of a lifetime.

Our Team

Tse Wai Chuen

Sushi Chef

All it took for the young Chef Tse was a chance encounter with Japanese cuisine inside the kitchen.

Having worked at the Michelin-starred Sushi Wadatsumi and Tenzen, spending about a decade working alongside culinary greats, Chef Tse has mastered the sushi-making technique to become the standalone experienced sushi chef he is today. It was his unparalleled talent, hard work, and sincerity that won the heart of the then-owner of Tenzen and now Senior Executive Consultant Chef Man, who appointed Chef Tse as the Sushi Chef of Sanwa Jo.

Chef Tse thinks the prerequisite to mastering sushi and sashimi are the passion for Japanese cuisine, attention to detail, and the anticipation of seasonal seafood on the palate. Which explains why he is circumspect with ingredient selection, and his impeccable seasoning and knife precision, as well as innovative presentation technique certainly breathe a welcoming breath of air to traditional Japanese cuisine.

Currently the Sushi Chef at Sanwa Jo, Chef Tse’s signature dish of fatty tuna sashimi and cod roe sashimi tickles with a richness and softness that melts in the mouth instantaneously – a dish to remember not least because of Chef Tse’s unique seasoning blend and art of knife precision.


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